February 24, 2017

Is America Next for These European-Style Car Taxes?


The City of London will charge a new $27 dollar fee for all pre-2004 cars to entering the city center on weekdays, a tax likely to hit lower income people hardest.

The new fee comes on top of other taxes for driving in London, and other proposals to double parking fees for, or outright ban, diesel-powered cars.

London’s mayor even said banning all cars from the city center wasn’t “off the table”:

Speaking on ITV’s Peston on Sunday programme, Khan said that he wanted to “address the issue of poor quality air 365 days a year, not only on the days the air is dangerous”. When asked if London could implement a car ban, such as the one in Paris, Khan said: “nothing’s off the table”.

Greenpeace USA touted a car ban in another European capital. Will Greenpeace push for similar car bans in America next?