March 3, 2017

Pipeline Protesters Continue To Support Criminal


This week, The Houston Chronicle reported that West Texas pipeline protest leader Pete Hefflin was, in fact, a man named Pedro Rabago Gutierrez. Gutierrez had been operating under a false identity and was really a fugitive on the run from California law enforcement since 2007 for a parole violation after being incarcerated for rape, sex with a minor, assault with a deadly weapon, and selling drugs. Despite the arrest of Gutierrez and the uncovering of these sordid details, several of his fellow environmental activists have chosen to stand by the convicted sex offender:


Mark Glover, Big Bend Defense Coalition Organizer And Owner Of Two Rivers Camp:


“I’ve known Pete Hefflin for six months and I’ve found him to be a very honorable man and I will stand by him any day.”


“But we believe in redemption and we believe in Pete Hefflin.”


Lori Glover, Big Bend Sierra Club Co-Chair And Owner Of Two Rivers Camp:


“I was unaware of any of this past history. Despite that, I feel very privileged to have worked with Pete Hefflin.”


Josh Michener, Prominent Anti-Pipeline Activist:


“Just like anything else – just like any other struggle like we’re doing here, guys, they’re targeting leadership. They’re trying to find anything and everything they can dig up from the past.”


Lisa Lyseggen, Anti-Pipeline Protest Donor:


“Let his past be. Most people have something in their past thath they are not to proud off. let him out, so he can still continue his good work for people. It happend’s a looooong time ago, bury it.”


Willie N Rodriguez, Anti-Pipeline Activist:




Marc Osten, Former Greenpeace Employee And Anti-Pipeline Activist:


FREE Pete Hefflin


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