March 13, 2017

False Claims Debunked: Natural Gas Bringing Jobs To West Texas


Last week, the City of Presidio announced that West Texas Gas will construct and operate a lateral pipeline that will provide natural gas to the community. Richard Hatchett, President of West Texas Gas explained that this has been years in the making:

“West Texas Gas is very pleased to finally have the ability to offer natural gas service to the Presidio area. After the 1998 acquisition of our transmission pipeline system serving the Fort Davis community and surrounding greenhouses, along with the Cities of Balmorhea, Marfa,  and Alpine, West Texas Gas has searched for ways to serve the market along the Presidio border.”       

Opponents of the Trans-Pecos pipeline have spread the claim that the pipeline would have “no domestic customer,” but they have been proven false with this latest announcement. Left-wing media outlets have perpetuated these false claims, and even promoted the views of a convicted rapist in their efforts to advance the anti-pipeline agenda of the Environmentalist Left.

Despite the propaganda of the Environmentalist Left, this new supply of natural gas will be an economic boon for the local economy, creating good-paying construction jobs and allowing the natural gas dependent Biad Chili Company, to expand in Presidio. This welcomed announcement will also make Presidio more environmentally-friendly as the city solely depended on propane, which emits more CO2 than natural gas.