March 15, 2017

President Trump Seeks Rollback of Job-Killing Fuel Standards


President Donald Trump today called on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to review strict gas mileage requirements put in place by the Obama administration in January 2017 before former President Barack Obama left office:

President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that the administration will re-examine federal requirements governing the fuel efficiency of cars and trucks, moving forcefully against Obama-era environmental regulations that Trump says are stifling economic growth. Trump revealed his plans during a speech at an automotive testing center near Detroit after discussing the issue during a round-table meeting at the American Center for Mobility with auto company executives and workers.

Trump said removing the regulations would bring “a new era for American jobs and job creation.” An auto manufacturer trade group said rolling back the gas mileage standards would allow federal and state governments to reach a new standard “predicated on the best and most current data“:

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers — which represents a dozen major car manufacturers including General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler and Toyota — praised Trump’s action. It said he was creating an opportunity for federal and state officials to “reach a thoughtful and coordinated outcome predicated on the best and most current data.”