April 5, 2017

“Mouthpiece For Terrorists,” Now Also Mouthpiece For Texas Enviros


In its quest to compete in the global energy market and undermine the U.S. energy industry, Qatar recently lifted a moratorium on one of the largest natural gas fields in the world and is relying on the state-run Al-Jazeera, a “mouthpiece for terrorists,” to do its bidding.

Al-Jazeera has become a mouthpiece for environmentalists in the United States, airing 40 stories featuring the anti-fracking Sierra Club and countless other groups in 2016 alone. This coverage has included national groups as well as groups local to Texas.

Most recently, Al Jazeera featured an interview with Rebekah Hinojosa, an organizer for the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Cub. Hinojosa has opposed natural gas projects in Texas, and attempted to disrupt a gathering of international energy leaders in Houston last month. She and her group were removed from the event by security, but they attempted to re-enter by concealing their identities, donning Darth Vader masks while playing accordions in a second attempt to disrupt the conference. Again, they were promptly escorted out.

Qatar is not the only natural gas competitor of the United States to use the Sierra Club and other American environmental groups to do their bidding to try to undermine the American energy industry. Newsweek reported that Russia has utilized shell corporations to funnel funds to the Sierra Club. Russia has also used their propaganda outlet, RT, to promote environmental protests, similar to Qatar’s use of Al Jazeera. Despite these underhanded efforts, the Texas economy remains larger than its competitors, and new energy projects continue to stimulate Texas communities.