April 19, 2017

REALITY: Millennials Don’t Want Electric Cars


A recent survey conducted by driving-tests.org concluded that around 70 percent of millennials would not buy an electric car:

Did responses to Question 1 (whether respondents would consider purchasing an electric car) vary by age? As stated earlier, the overall response to question 1 was overwhelmingly negative by about two to one. When broken down by age group, each age group also rejected electric cars by a comparable margin. In the three older age groups, the percentage was slightly over 70%; in the three younger age groups (including Millennials), the percentage was slightly smaller, about 69%. This is still a significant result because the margin of error is a fraction of one percentage point. These results are illustrated in the following chart

Overall by “at least two to one, respondents in all age groups” stated they would not purchase a electric car:

Respondents were asked if they would consider purchasing an electric car over a comparably priced gasoline-powered vehicle. By at least two to one, respondents in all age groups stated that they would not. The percentages varied slightly by age group.

Understanding and appealing to millennials have long been the focus for automakers. Making this recent reality check potentially huge problem for electric automakers like Tesla that are not diversified.