May 11, 2017

Environmentalist Left Treats Children As Props


A newly released strategy memo from the Environmentalist Left revealed their plan to use young children to leverage the power of the media in order to advance their cause. This strategy has certainly come to fruition In Texas over the past several years.

West Texas environmental groups dispatched several minors to be arrested earlier this year by interfering with the construction of a West Texas natural gas pipeline. Environmentalists further jeopardized the safety of children as a leader of one of the West Texas protest camps was a registered sex offender.

A group funded by the 11th Hour Project, which has been behind many false and misleading health studies, has an instructional video to teach children how to lobby against shale gas development. This was put into use recently in Colorado, where national environmental groups used children to “front the campaign” in a lawsuit against the state. The Sierra Club similarly instructs their activists to use children as props during lobbying efforts:

“Some examples of great visuals from past hearings include … Holding your baby with you at the podium, or pushing them in strollers, baby car seats, baby-bjorns. Older children also welcome.”

The use of children is part of these groups’ efforts to masquerade their national political campaign as locally-grown and appeal to sympathies. This can be seen throughout Texas with organizations such as the Austin Environmental Justice Team, Big Bend Defense Coalition, and Save RGV from LNG, all attempting to appear locally-grown while being linked to these national organizations that use young children to advance their radical agenda.