May 22, 2017

Science Does Not Support Enviro Talking Points


A new study by the University of Texas and the University of Michigan yielded results that further disprove claims of the Environmentalist Left. The study found that the presence of methane in wells in Texas is likely to be naturally occurring, contrary to environmentalist claims that it results from hydraulic fracturing.

“Lack of correlation with distance to Barnett Shale horizontal wells, with distance to conventional wells, and with well density suggests a natural origin of the dissolved methane. Known commercial very shallow gas accumulations (<200 m in places) and historical instances of water wells reaching gas pockets point to the underlying Strawn Group of Paleozoic age as the main natural source of the dissolved gas.”

This latest study reinforces results of previous research, including a six-year study by the Environmental Protection Agency and also a study funded by the Natural Resources Defense Council. The Environmentalist Left has recently ignored these scientific studies in favor of spreading misleading claims about methane emissions in effort to build opposition to the pending lease of federal lands for natural gas development in Brenham and Corpus Christi.

While environmentalists continue their habit of hypocrisy in ignoring science that does not align with their far-left ideology, employment in the Texas oil and gas industry continues to surge, as over half of all oil and gas jobs in the United States are now located in Texas.