July 12, 2017

New Bill Uses Natural Gas To Lower Emissions, Create Jobs


A new bill signed into law by Governor Abbott is expected to utilize natural gas to create jobs and lower emissions. The Texas Fuels bill, first proposed by State Representative Brooks Landgraf (R-Odessa), requires state agencies with a minimum of 15 state vehicles to run on natural gas rather than diesel or regular gasoline.

Notably, this switch comes at no cost to taxpayers. With natural gas responsible for fewer carbon dioxide emissions than traditional fuels, the new vehicles purchased will utilize funds from the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan.

In addition to lowering emissions from state vehicles at no cost to taxpayers, the new bill could help stimulate markets and create jobs, as noted by State Rep. Landgraf:

“Regardless of where oil is fluctuating, natural gas is going to have new markets as a result of this legislation. When you have new markets for natural gas, you’ll have more drilling, more production. You’re going to have jobs that otherwise won’t be here in the Permian Basin.”

While the Environmentalist Left faces investigation for working with Russia to destabilize the Texas natural gas industry, Texas continues to lead the nation in producing and consuming natural gas. With the signing of the Texas Fuels bill, Texas continues to harness the possibilities provided by natural gas to create jobs, grow the economy, and contribute to the United States leading the world in lowering carbon dioxide emissions.