July 17, 2017

Texas Environmental Leader Vows To Violate Law


Actor-turned-Texas environmental leader Louis Moncivias Gutierrez appears to be looking to add a new crime to his long criminal record. In his latest video, Gutierrez claims that he will refuse to abide by the laws concerning flying drones:

“Nobody on this planet is going to convince me that flying my drone over these sights is illegal. I say, ‘come get me.’”

Gutierrez is referring to a recently-signed law that goes into effect September 1, outlawing the flying of drones over “critical infrastructure,” including oil and gas facilities, telecommunications infrastructure, and concentrated animal feeding operations. Violators will face up to 180 days in jail as a Class B misdemeanor.

This is yet another example of Gutierrez promoting criminal activity to his followers. Last week, Core News Texas reported that Gutierrez was instructing his followers on how to trespass on oil and gas property.

Gutierrez, no stranger to criminal activity in his own past, attended the Standing Rock protests where protesters issued a litany of brutal threats aimed at law enforcement and sought to use Molotov cocktails, rocks, arson, and roadblocks. Guiterrez’s vow to ignore the new Texas drone law is just the latest of a long line of criminal tactics used by the Environmentalist Left to push their Russian-backed agenda.