August 30, 2017

Texas Enviro Deflects On His Wish For Harvey To Hit “Full Force”


After “praying the hurricane hits full force,” Texas environmentalist leader Juan Mancias appears to now deny his previous wish. When confronted about his claims, Mancias deflected, claiming that the storm was requested by his ancestors for five hundred years before he prayed it would hit full force:

“You make judgements that someone like me just a simple human being could create the climate change to cause such a ominous storm that has been requested by those ancestors that I am connected to for the last five hundred years.”

Instead of owning up to his hateful statement, Macias shifted the blame to his ancestors and climate change. Despite Mancias’ claims and those of others on the Environmentalist Left, scientists have already disproved the notion that Hurricane Harvey was caused by a changing climate. The rate of Category 4 or stronger hurricanes has decreased by over 70% over the past four and a half decades, with only four Category 4 or stronger hurricanes making landfall in the U.S. from 1970 to the present, as opposed to 14 such storms from 1926 to 1969.

Former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology Judith Curry gave her analysis of the role of global warming on Hurricane Harvey:

Anyone blaming Harvey on global warming doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Harvey will be in the record books for almost unbelievable amounts of rainfall (the final tally is not in yet; unfortunately it will still be raining in TX for several more days, with potential doubling of the amount that has already fallen).  While there was a large amount of water vapor ingested into Harvey, the huge amounts of rain are associated with Harvey’s stalled movement, while still close enough to the Gulf to continue to suck in moisture.”

Professor at the University of Colorado Center for Science & Technology Policy Research Roger Pielke Jr. was quick to criticize claims connecting Hurricane Harvey to climate change:

“There is no reason to be debating Harvey and climate change in the context of an unfolding disaster, other than political opportunism and attention seeking. It’s not a good look for scientists or journalists who are promoting this issue.”

This is just the most recent example in a growing trend of environmentalists selectively choosing when to utilize science, most recently spreading the notion that spaceships would cause LNG export terminals to explode even after studies refuted the claim. Perhaps instead of constantly increasing the volume of their foreign-supported cause, these “activists” should accept science and spend more time assisting the millions of Americans in the wake of Harvey’s devastation.