January 19, 2018

Texas Sierra Club Continues To Ignore Science


Texas Sierra Club employee and anti-capitalist activist Rebekah Hinojosa continues to ignore science. Yesterday, Hinojosa called for a study to examine if a nearby SpaceX launch site could trigger an explosion at a proposed LNG export terminal in Brownsville, despite that such a study has already long been completed that nullified her concerns:

“One study to determine whether a bad launch from SpaceX’s planned Boca Chica Beach launch pad could pose a threat to proposed liquefied natural facilities on the Brownsville Ship Channel has concluded that the risk is insignificant.”

Hinojosa and her fellow Sierra Club leaders prove that they show no regard for science and merely want to disrupt a crucial part of the Texas economy that is estimated to bring in $6.7 billion of tax revenue for the Lone Star State in the 2018-19 budget cycle. It is past time that the Texas Sierra Club accept science and withdraw their objections to LNG export terminals.