June 17, 2016

Read The Environmentalist Left’s Extreme Plans For The Democratic Party Platform


Today, the Environmentalist Left is marching on Phoenix, Arizona to present its demands to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for a far-left energy platform.

Among the environmental attendees, according to Politico’s Morning Energy, are:

  • The League of Conservation Voters, which supports a carbon tax, cap-and-trade, and opposes offshore drilling
  • Greenpeace, which thinks Hillary Clinton hasn’t gone far enough on environmental issues and was recently called a “global fraud” in a RICO lawsuit
  • Friends of the Earth, which endorsed Bernie Sanders and supports a national fracking ban
  • And the Sierra Club, which is proud of putting coal miners out of business and keeps track of cancelled coal plants “like trophies on a wall”

Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is also urging his supporters “to fight for a carbon tax and a ban on fracking,” opening up fissures in the Democratic Party:

Sanders specifically urged backers to fight for a carbon tax and a ban on fracking, two other priorities that the DNC will hear pleas to support during today’s hearing — despite a decided lack of unity among environmental groups.

Politico also obtained the Sierra Club’s “privately shared recommendations with the platform committee.” The top two? One hundred percent renewable energy from “sources like solar and wind” and keeping fossil fuels “in the ground.”

Keep up with Core News all day to see how far the Environmentalist Left can pull the Democratic Party to the extreme on energy issues.