February 8, 2017

California Wants To Sap Car Buyers To Help Others Pay For Electric Cars


 A bill introduced in the California Assembly would encourage the legislature to pass a law essentially taxing buyers of gas-powered vehicles and then giving that money to buyers of electric vehicles in the form of rebates.

From the bill, AB33:

“A program that would charge fees for the purchase of new vehicles that are the highest emitters of net greenhouse gases and give a rebate on the purchase of new vehicles that are the lowest emitters of net greenhouse gases”

The Environmentalist Left often heralds electric vehicles as a way to help the environment, but they refuse to admit the environmental damage caused by building these vehicles.

Electric vehicles are already heavily subsidized by taxpayers. Now the Environmentalist Left’s allies in the California legislature want to make matters worse by taking even more money out of the pockets of hard-working Californians and giving it to people who can afford to buy expensive electric vehicles.