February 8, 2017

More Offensive Comments From Pipeline Protest Leader


West Texas pipeline protest camp organizer Pete Hefflin, a board member for the Society of Native Nations, used threatening language last week to refer to a pipeline CEO who has already received threats aimed at him and his family. It appears that this was not an isolated incident as Hefflin recently used colorful language in reference to local law enforcement.

“Alright we have our local sheriff department coming down. I think we know him already. Water is life! Oh it’s that little fat Mexican guy that arrested some of our people already. He knows we’re here.”

The Environmentalist Left has tried to label the pipeline project in West Texas as “racist,” yet, one of their leaders has now been caught using racially-charged, body shaming language. Hefflin’s comments highlighted the unfortunate trend of heightened hostility towards law enforcement that culminated in the deaths of five Dallas officers last July.

A number of protesters have already been arrested, most recently on January 29. Presidio County Sherriff Danny Dominguez has told The Huffington Post that the protesters are “peaceful, but you get a couple in there who want to stir it up and cause some drama. They have the right to protest, but they need to do it legally.”

The approval of Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline have left the Environmentalist Left in a state of desperation, scrambling to have protestors return to North Dakota from other protest sites such as the one in West Texas. Hefflin told The San Antonio Express-News that his camp does not have the bodies to spare and that he will stay at his camp until it closes. If protest leaders such as Hefflin have their people remain at their respective camps, the Environmentalist Left may be facing another defeat with the Dakota Access Pipeline.